Repair skin at a cellular level and lock in hydration

BYONIK® PTL is the world’s first laser which rejuvenates, repairs, heals and protects your skin from inside the skin cells, combining Laser, Hyaluronic Acid embedded with antioxidants to help improve numerous skin concerns and is suitable for all skin types 365 days of the year! Guided by your own pulse, the patented BYONIK® laser is the only system that repairs skin at a cellular level and locks in hydration at the same time. It is a non-invasive, patented medical beauty program with a three-step procedure to “power up” each individual skin cell. This maximizes the skin’s regenerative capacity and slows down the cellular aging process.

Embrace the natural beauty which is unique to you, by keeping the skin young and fresh looking with the phenomenal BYONIK® treatment which is taking the industry by storm!

This multi-award winning, gold standard treatment which combines the trinity of Laser Pulse, Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants is used worldwide and is truly capable of making your skin travel back in time!

Vital regenerative processes are vital for keeping our skin at it’s best – young skins’ epidermis is firm and tight and well-provided with the nutrients which are important for high fibroblast activity. Over time, these key processes start to slow down and the natural energy of the skin declines, wrinkles start to appear and the contours of the face start to sag.

The BYONIK® system with its unique treatment approach uses a Pulse Triggered Laser, Light Induced Transmembrane Convection and BYONIK® Hyaluronic Gels which are embedded with Antioxidants to power up every epidermal cell whilst maximising the skins regenerative and healing capacity to give the skin stunning, multi-level rejuvenating effects.

BYONIK® is a non-invasive Medical Aesthetic Program and this unrivalled device delivers safe, visible and immediate results to reignite the life, volume, firmness and hydration back into the skin.

How Does BYONIK work?

There are many ways in which Byonik helps the skin using both the power of laser light and light-induced osmosis (water passing into your cells) improving the appearance, health and hydration of your skin….

1: Near Infra-Red Laser
This aspect of the treatment regenerates your skin cells, detoxifies your skin, improves your microcirculation which improves nutrient flow and strengthens your skin and improves lymphatic drainage to decongest your skin, reduce puffiness and improve your general skin health.

2: Red Laser Light
This aspect of the treatment improves inflammatory-ageing (skin ageing resulting from inflammation) improves general skin inflammation such as that associated with rosacea, supports wound healing, is anti-bacterial and reduces skin redness.

3: The laser energy is delivered directly to the skin cell with each beat of your heart. This is important because your skin cells have been shown to be more receptive to the osmosis process just before your heart beats. This technology, developed in conjunction with NASA scientists, means that your cells absorb the hyaluronic acid and antioxidants used during the treatment like a sponge, resulting in deeply hydrated, healthy and plump skin cells!

4: Protects Telomeres
Telomeres are the end parts of our DNA – their role is to protect the cell. Time and other factors such as stress, shorten your telomeres and eventually, the cell dies as a result. Each time a skin cell dies it can contribute to our skin ageing and wrinkles, skin laxity and other signs of ageing. The Byonik treatment protects and preserves your telomeres, prolonging the life of, and improving the health of your skin cells. The result – A renewed youthful-look and healthy skin, for longer!

5: Releases Elastin Fibres.
Elastin plays a major role in your skin’s tightness. As time passes, salts, fats, amino acids and calcium accumulate around the elastin fibres, tethering them. This means that their ability to create tension and tightness in the skin is reduced resulting in wrinkling and lack-lustre, sagging skin. The Byonik laser energy releases your elastin fibres, causing a bio-lifting effect in the treated skin.

6: Hyaluronic acid
Also known as “the key to the fountain of youth” Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is produced naturally by your body and fixes the moisture, plumpness, structure and elasticity of your skin. At around the age of 40, your skin contains only 60% of your original HA levels and only 10% when you’re around 60! The degradation of your HA levels is one of the key players of invisible skin ageing.
During your treatment, the Byonik technology allows the HA molecules to pass directly into your skin cells, not just around them. This deeply hydrates your skin and helps to support healthy, youthful cell function and improve collagen production. The ability to pass into, and not to just surround the skin cell is something only a very few select molecules can do, like the molecules in some topical medication.

7: Antioxidants
The hyaluronic acid used during your treatment is embedded with antioxidants to allow the hyaluronic acid used during treatment to be retained in your skin for up to four weeks. The antioxidants used during your Byonik treatment ‘catch’ free radicals to help protect your DNA and have an antioxidative potential almost 5 times more powerful than that of red wine and almost 3 times that of green tea. The HA and Antioxidants together, dramatically soothe and protect the skins barrier, improve the moisture, firmness, elasticity and smoothness of your skin, visibly improve the depth of your wrinkles the condition of maturing skin.


From the amazing results you will see following your BYONIK® Treatment – it doesn’t stop there……! BYONIK® have developed a fabulous range of innovative skincare products, to not only perfectly complement the amazing treatment and results you will experience, but also to maintain them. The beautiful products are extremely well tolerated and offer specially designed and concentrated active ingredients which are dermatologically tested.

Here at FIGURA we stock a full range of BYONIK® products – don’t forget, we offer a FREE no-obligation consultation!

We are all individuals and as such, the number of treatments and the results from treatments will vary from person to person. Similarly, due to the varying response of the individual, the down-time, recovery and the longer term results achieved following the treatment will differ from person to person. The information we provide you with is based on the extensive experience we have gained from treating a wide range of clients of differing age and gender.

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