Dark Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Treatment

Tattoos are one of those things that seem suitable at the time…!  Progress in Laser treatment means that most tattoos can now be safely removed, with dark tattoos being easier than coloured.

Any laser or IPL treatment is designed to cause a reaction to a specific coloured target (known as a chromophore)  in the case of tattoo removal, that target is the tattoo ink that has been forcibly placed in the dermis of the skin. Our Q-Switched Nd;Yag laser creates very short-duration, high powered pulses – and different wavelengths of light, to target and shatter the selected chromophore which is then removed by the lymphatic system.

Interesting fact: because the shattered ink particles are removed by the lymphatic system, a urine sample taken in the hours following a tattoo removal treatment would show ink particles under a microscope! This is because the ink is removed in the blood and filtered out through the kidneys into the urine.

The Stellar M22 from Lumenis boasts pinpoint accuracy and as such, this type of tattoo can be safely removed with no damage to surrounding tissues.

Should you decide you’d like to have your dark tattoo removed, then we can help!  Call and speak to one of our friendly team to arrange a FREE consultation.

We are all individuals and as such, the number of treatments and the results from treatments will vary from person to person. Similarly, due to the varying response of the individual, the down-time, recovery and the longer term results achieved following the treatment will differ from person to person. The information we provide you with is based on the extensive experience we have gained from treating a wide range of clients of differing age and gender.

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Professional Tattoo after 9 treatments

Dark Tattoo Removal after 6 treatments

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How does tattoo treatment feel?

The Q-Switched laser emits light in very fast short pulses. The impact of the energy is described as a sting or pinch, similar to the snap of a rubber band…

Is Tattoo treatment safe?

Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective and is suitable for most skin types. There are very few complications associated with the treatment.  The treatment can be uncomfortable, however there…

How long does each tattoo treatment take?

Treatment time is short. As a guide, an area 2sq inches (5cm squared) will take approximately five minutes to treat. Your appointment for this size will be no more 20…

What happens after tattoo removal treatment?

An antibacterial ointment and a dressing will be applied to the area immediately after treatment. You may experience soreness, redness and a slight swelling immediately after treatment but this should…

What is tattoo removal and how does it work?

Until the evolution of laser tattoo removal, getting rid of tattoos was incredibly painful and largely ineffective.  Laser tattoo removal works by using powerful light energy to break down the…
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Your premises are beautiful and scrupulously clean and hygienic -I have no hesitation in recommending your services...!

Diane L.


Having had problematic skin for many many years I am so glad I found the carbon treatment at Figura. Having completed a course, my skin has never looked or felt better!!

Laura Park


Joyce made me feel instantly at ease from the moment I walked through the front door. The clinic is truly lovely, it’s relaxing and private. The treatment is amazing!

Rachel Heyworth
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